Urban Futures

Since 1993 Urban Futures has delivered sustainable development and urban regeneration for major schemes and public spaces. We have generated several land and property based businesses designed to leverage assets into better societal outcomes; from local authority management companies to better management of the car, to maintaining rural investment to Garden Cities. This focus on outcomes and on connectivity has been very useful to Urban Futures work.

We interrogate the occupier need, understand the build up to the developer’s profit and investor’s return; then shape or just tighten the masterplan and modify the procurement process:

Returns to the community from publicly owned assets can be optimised if integrated early in the project. Constraints are more efficiently worked with, not opposed. Our work requires us to understand what the objectives are for all stakeholders. We can then assist engagement.

We work with local authorities to generate a framework within which the outputs they seek from their locale, their assets and their built environment can be delivered – and sustained.

Our clients ask themselves: are we optimising the use of this location? Are we leveraging all that this site can deliver?

Riding shotgun refers to the practice of sitting alongside the driver in (or more likely we feel outside) a moving vehicle (the box).