Urban Futures

The original Urban Futures business is no longer trading and its company names and domains are now available to a responsible purchaser. Public and academic bodies have flooded the interweb since we set up, with some powered in the usual irritating ways of over expensed egos, so as a farewell it would be good to reinforce the integrity of a worthy enterprise.

I ought to provide my summary of the core issues preventing still (as they were when we started) resolution of the UK land and property markets in such a way that they can align with political aspiration. At least, to the extent that these aspirations can be made real.

The biggest issue remains the almost total absence of perspective, sufficient to span both governmental and private sector, advisors and clients, at the level required. This seems endemic and whilst so, then fatal.

A formal sale process will be initiated but if you do have the capabilities, vision and interest then please write (yes, snail mail as it cuts down on ongoing spam and requires commitment) to me at Urban Futures, c/o PPL, Audley House, Palace Street, London SW1E 5HX

Thank you,

Jonathan Naughton